Many novice players from India are attracted to the idea of taking advantage of ready-made solutions to place winning bets. Nowadays, they can find many websites, social media channels and other sources with expert predictions on the internet. In our review, we will tell you what they are, whether you should trust them, and how to benefit from other people’s analytical opinions. 

What are the Expert Predictions? 

Insights from Experts: Understanding and Utilizing Predictions for Informed Decision-Making

Expert predictions are attempts by experts in a particular sport/esports to predict the outcome of an event. They are very popular with Indian betting enthusiasts. People tend to trust experts because they include former cricket (or other sports) players, former coaches, analysts and other reputable professionals. It is human nature to believe that with someone else’s help you can get a guaranteed result. But this is a serious misconception. 

Let’s make one thing clear at once — no prediction is a 100% guarantee that your bet will win. This applies to both free and paid expert opinions. The fact is that each of them, first of all, is a person, and can make a mistake. And even if the prediction was prepared with the highest quality, using statistics and detailed analysis, it can also fail. This is due to the nature of sports and esports, the results of which can be affected by chance. Say, an injury of the team leader, deteriorating weather conditions with cancellation or postponement of the match, disqualification of a player and so on. 

Do the above risks mean that people do not trust experts? — No! Many of them do not want to spend time analyzing events. It is easier for them to trust the analyst’s opinion and believe in their luck. It is their right. 

Types of Predictions 

There are different types of sports predictions that are fairly easy to understand. However, regardless of their differences, they are unified in that they represent someone’s opinion on the outcome of an event. The advice may be backed up by analytics with a rationale for the betting choice. Thus, expert opinions come in: 

  1. Free and paid;
  2. Pre-match and live;
  3. Universal (for all sports) and specialized (say, cricket);
  4. Oriented on different markets or, say, only on Total;
  5. From the site’s team of analysts or from independent experts. 

It is important to realize that the predictions from categories 2 through 5 actually belong to the first category. Each of them can be either free or paid. Sources of predictions can be: 

  • Sports portals and sites dedicated to the topic of betting;
  • Prediction services;
  • Prediction exchanges;
  • YouTube channels;
  • Social networks. 

It is important to realize that you should not blindly trust all the predictions you find on the Internet. The risks of becoming a victim of fraud are high. We will talk more about this later. 

Fraud and Paid Sports Predictions 

So, let’s talk about the benefits of expert opinions considering the risks associated with them. Free expert opinions can certainly bring benefits to the punters. Experienced betting enthusiasts from India like to study expert opinions, compare them with their own opinion, get more information about the upcoming match, etc. This does not mean that they will necessarily listen to the expert’s insight, but maybe some information from this prediction will influence their bet. 

As for paid predictions, this is often a paradise for scammers. With the development of social networks and messengers, they have worked out effective schemes to deceive gullible bettors. Here are the signs that can be used to identify such cheaters: 

  • They offer to buy information about ‘match-fixing’ or insider information for ‘guaranteed’ winnings;
  • Promise super profits in a short period of time.
  • Assure that their ‘expert’ opinions come true 80-100% of the time;
  • Do not show verified statistics on an independent prediction online resource;
  • Demonstrate on their website photos and videos of luxury cars, bundles of money, screenshots of winning checks in order to make potential victims want to trust them. 

Remember what we said above: neither free nor paid predictions guarantee winnings. If an ‘expert’ on the Internet assures you otherwise, he is most likely a scammer. Do not trust him. 

There is another risk associated with paid predictions. Even if you buy it from an honest expert, you can still lose. In this case, you lose the bet amount, as well as the money you spent on buying a prediction that did not justify itself. 

Examples of Indian Cricket Prediction Sites 

Exploring Indian Cricket Prediction Platforms: Top Sites Offering Insights and Tips for Informed Wagering on Cricket Matches in India.

Cricket is the main sport in India, and it can be used as an example to talk about sites that provide expert predictions for IPL matches and other tournaments: 

  1. Cricbuzz.

    This site is very popular among players from India. It offers not only expert predictions but also a lot of information about cricket competitions. These include standings, match results, information on team lineups, video reports and much more. If you wish, you can test your cricket knowledge in the ‘Quiz’ section, while the news in the eponymous section lets readers know what is happening in the world of cricket. Note that Cricbuzz has its own free app for Android and iOS mobile devices;

  2. Cricket World.

    You can watch live matches and listen to radio commentary on this site. The site team offers interviews, statistics and daily news. Free expert predictions and match previews allow Indian players to comfortably prepare to place bets;

  3. ESPNcricinfo.

    It is one of the leading cricket analytics websites in the world. On its pages you can find a large statistical database with data on competitions, players, match results and much more. News blocks and live match reviews allow Indian players to get maximum useful information about the world of cricket;

  4. Cricadium.

    This site offers a lot of expert predictions from reputable professionals from the world of cricket. The team at this site offers a wide range of useful articles as well as information on past matches and tournaments. 

These are just a few examples of sites for Indian players looking to use expert predictions for betting. There’s a lot more of them. 

Frequent Questions 

 FAQ on where to look for reliable forecasts

Is Expert Prediction a Guarantee of Winning? 

Absolutely not! Experts are also living people who can make mistakes. In addition, sports and esports are not immune to sensations. This means that even the most seemingly accurate prediction may not come true. 

If I Pay Money for Expert Prediction — Will I Be Scammed? 

As we have already said, there is no guarantee that an expert prediction will bring you a win. Therefore, there is no special difference between paid and free predictions. And even if you are not deceived by scammers, you still risk losing. In this case, you will lose money twice: as a bet, and for the payment of the prediction. 

Can I Make a Winning Bet without Using Expert Help? 

Sure! If you prepare responsibly for betting, making rational decisions, and if you are lucky, your bet can win. And you don’t have to follow other people’s predictions.