Beginners think that there is nothing complicated about betting — select an event, add the outcome to the coupon, write the amount and confirm the bet. However, with such a superficial approach they are unlikely to win regularly. Professional Indian players actively use statistical data on the sites of online bookies when preparing for betting. In this review, we will detail the usefulness of this information. 

What are Statistics on Bookmaker Sites? 

Find out what statistics are and what statistics are on bookmaker sites

The presence of a statistical section on the website of an online bookmaker becomes almost a prerequisite, if it wants to confidently compete in the market. This section contains a large amount of useful information of the following type: 

  • Information about the tournament position of teams in different local championships and international leagues;
  • Statistical data on the individual performance of players (goals, assists, yellow cards, etc.);
  • Data for each game day — match results (often more detailed reports with team line-ups and game statistics);
  • Information about referees and how they officiate matches (how many yellow and red cards are issued);
  • Information about the stadiums and arenas where the games are played. 

The above data is a real boon for punters who like to analyze competitions and results in order to prepare well-considered bets. Further on in our review, we will talk about it in more detail. 

Also in the statistics section, a calendar of events can be presented. This allows online bookmaker’s customers from India to plan their betting activities, knowing what matches will take place, for example, next week. 

Results Section 

It is not uncommon for betting sites to have a separate match results section. This allows users to quickly access specific statistical information. Going to such a section, you can select the competition, country, and then see the list of matches. If the match has not yet taken place, add it to your favorites and it will be displayed in a separate tab. 

Match results are updated instantly, as soon as they are completed. 

How Statistics are Used by Bookmakers 

learn how bookmakers use statistics for their predictions

To begin with, understand that all statistics on online bookmakers’ websites are official data. This is strictly controlled, and if violations are detected, players can file a complaint to the regulator or to the competent authorities. We recommend using the services of legal operators in India to eliminate the risks of falsifying results and cheating. 

Bookmakers use statistics of teams, players, coaches and other similar data when forming odds. Thanks to access to statistical data, the bookmaker will be able to calculate the probability of the outcome, to which he will add a margin and as a result, Sportsbook displays the odds for the match. Odds may change depending on various factors. For example, the operator may recalculate them if the leader of a soccer team is injured and will not be able to take part in the next match. Other factors may include disqualifications of athletes, deteriorating weather conditions, the transfer of a strong player to another team, etc. 

Thus, bookmakers use statistics to form odds and provide their customers with access to data to prepare considered bets. 

How to Use Statistics in Your Predictions? 

Learn how to correctly use statistics for your predictions

Knowing statistics is not a guarantee that you will eventually get results in betting, but it will definitely increase your chances of success. Not only Indian professionals can use publicly available data, but also people who bet as a hobby. That said, there are differences in their approach to using statistics. Amateur players are most often limited to basic information: the tournament position of the teams, the form of players, the results of the club for the last five matches and so on. 

Professionals pay attention to more so-called advanced data. This can be the number of shots on goal, the accuracy of shots, the number of shots that ended in goals and so on. Thanks to advanced analysis, experienced players can conclude, for example, that the current position of a team in the standings does not correspond to its high potential. This means that it may soon start winning. The conviction in this conclusion gives the player a chance to win with a large odds, because the succession of failures of this team allows the bookmaker to consider it an outsider in the next match. 

Below we will present two examples of betting when looking at the stats beforehand on an online bookmaker’s website in India. 

Example of Betting on Total Over 2.5 

So, let’s imagine that you are a fan of the English Premier League. You want to bet that in the top match between Tottenham and Liverpool more than 2.5 goals will be scored. According to the statistics provided by the bookmaker, you can see that in 75% of Tottenham’s home matches, more than 2.5 goals are scored. Liverpool, in turn, scores an average of more than 2.5 goals in 47% of away matches. 

When preparing a money prediction, it is also important to take into account the previous matches between these teams. Thus, in 60% of the last 10 matches, the bet that more than 2.5 goals will be scored was a winning bet. 

As a result, taking into account the above factors, the player concludes that the probability that the upcoming match between Tottenham and Liverpool will end with more than 2.5 goals scored will be higher than 55%. Thus, a favorable odds to place a corresponding bet would be 1.818 (100%/55%) and above. If the online bookie you are interested in offers such odds, it is a reason to try your luck. 

Example of Betting on Number of Yellow Cards 

The second example, which we suggest you study, is the possibility to bet on Total More or Total Less than 5.5 yellow cards in the match between Real Madrid and Barcelona. The statistics provided by the bookmaker shows that on average Real Madrid players get 1.8 yellow cards per match, while Barcelona players get 2.1. Thus, on average, these teams receive a combined total of 3.9 yellow cards per game. An amateur player would stop there, but the professionals do a more in-depth analysis. So, they studied the past matches between these teams and found that on average the referees show 5.9 yellow cards per game. But here you need to look at who will referee the match — is it a strict or lenient referee, because it can also affect the bet. 

Having collected all the data and analyzed them, the player makes the final conclusion. He will bet with odds of at least 2.0 that the match referee will show more than 5.5 yellow cards. 

Our Summary 


The use of statistical data is not a guarantee that your bet will be a winning one. In sports and esports competitions, sensations often happen, which are impossible to calculate. But, more often than not, competent preparation for betting with the use of statistics significantly increases the player’s chances of success. This avoids emotional, unprepared decisions and adds discipline to betting activities. So, we recommend you to devote due time to proper preparation.