Sport is all about stories: whether it was Kohli’s century or Dhoni announcing his retirement. But sport is a lot more than reportage. It is the struggles of an aspiring Olympian or the moment captured by the perfect photograph. That is the magic and fantasy that is inherent to sport and that’s what we are aspiring to elevate.

Welcome to SporTale: India’s first sport-themed literary festival.

SporTale is a curated, sport-themed literary festival where we aspire to present various forms of story-telling. Where we look at reliving stories of champions, points of view from luminaries and stories in the dynamic digital age.

It will be held on February 21 & 22, 2017 in the young and vibrant city of Pune. And promises to be the most unique sport property that India has seen in a while!

SporTale is the first event from InsideSport: an online news venture which will offer comprehensive coverage of the business of sports in India and South Asia.