Football is probably the most popular sport for betting all over the world. You will not find any country where there is not a single fan of this sporting event. All betting companies offer many features to bet on this sport. As a rule on all sites at least 3rd line is events from football championships.

Bookmaker companies offer quite high odds, a detailed lineup, and generous bonus offers for major tournaments. If you want to make profitable bets on sports, you should place bets with high passability and make a profit on the distance. Familiarise yourself with the basic rules of a successful football betting brand.

What can I bet on in football?

Variety of Football Betting Options: Exploring Betting Markets in Soccer

Each betting company offers from 1000s of markets on football meetings. Players choose the winner, bet on the total individual total, handicaps, double chance, exact score.

It is possible to make an additional betting list for the next market:

  • Total more/total less;
  • Goal of goals;
  • Asian marquee – headlights, total;
  • Total time total of goals scored;
  • The figure in the final score;
  • Three-way total;
  • Time period of the first and second goal.

The most popular bets in football are statistical indicators. Most often bookmaker’s clients prefer to bet on goal kicks, offsides, winner with handicap and without warning, and much more.

Common Mistakes in Football Betting

Avoiding Common Mistakes to Watch Out for in Football Betting

Before you become a professional football bettor, you will have to go through a lot of mistakes. However, if you are aware, you are very likely to avoid them.

The following will describe the most common mistakes that are encountered by newcomers in the sphere of betting.

Poor money management

Often beginners prefer to bet on the entire amount that is in their account. Yes, sometimes this option can be successful. However, the probability of such an outcome is quite low. In order to minimise the loss of all your money, it is necessary to divide all your capital into several parts.

In addition, some professional players offer to use favourable and working financial strategies. With their help you will be able to manage your bankroll as competently as possible.

Betting on High Odds

It is worth remembering that some betting companies intentionally inflate the odds in order to attract as many players as possible. High odds do not always mean that the bet will be very favourable for you.

Many beginners use value betting strategies wrong, because of which they lose their entire deposit. 

For example, you may see team X playing team A, with the odds not going higher than 1.3. If the bookmaker company puts the odds of 2 on the victory of team X, you should not hurry and bet all your money. It can be assumed that the analysts who have reviewed this competition have decided that team X can not win. Therefore, they are trying to attract as many bettors as possible to lose their money.

Betting on your favourite team

This is the most common mistake among beginners and professional players. You should carefully analyse events, check what players are in the team, and how they can play against each other. Do not rely only on faith in your favourite team. Avoid betting on matches in which your favourite team is involved.

Register at the one betting company

Some newbies prefer to bet on one site, which seemed to them the most honest and truthful. They also don’t want to spend money in order to bet on multiple platforms. As a result, they may bet on unfavourable conditions, choose less profitable odds and get less profit.

Professional punters advise you to have several accounts at the betting sites. Thanks to this, you will be able to track the highest odds, make bets with the most favourable conditions.

Registration in illegal bookmaker offices

If you decide to bet, then you should carefully analyse the platform that you have chosen. It should be safe and legal. In order to operate a legitimate sports betting activity in India, it is possible to have an international or national licence. Only such platforms can offer their services absolutely safely.

Often, betting companies may have a licence from the government of Curacao, Malta or Gibraltar. However, do not be upset if the licence is issued by another regulatory body.

Football Betting Strategies

Effective Strategies for Successful Football Betting

Once you have learnt all the mistakes that beginners make, it is worth starting to choose a strategy. Professional bettors recommend choosing 1-2 strategies that will help you start betting, avoid big losses and a series of failures. By choosing such a number of various types of strategies, you will be able to maximise the value of your money and make a profit.

Do not forget that no strategy is a “win-win” one. You will have failures, you need to be prepared for this and do not treat them negatively.

Express strategies

If you choose an express bet, you need to make at least two outcomes in one bet. This type of bet is popular among users as it has quite high odds. Thus you have the opportunity to earn a large amount of money.

It should be remembered that in order for the express bet to win, all outcomes must be correct. If even one of the outcomes was wrong, the whole bet is considered lost.

It is recommended to collect express from a small number of events, the maximum value – three – four matches.

When choosing a sporting event to make an express bet take into account the following factors:

  • After the previous match, which was played by the team has passed at least three days. In this case, the team has had time to recover from the tournament;
  • This sporting event has significance for the team. They are highly motivated to win, as it will play a role in their position in the standings;
  • The leader is playing at home;
  • All key players are playing in the sporting event. In addition, the team has no injuries to qualified players.

If the team has a new coach, it means that in this game they have a great chance to win. As often new coaches see all the mistakes of the players and are able to correct them.

Draw Betting

Often bookmaker companies offer quite high odds for a draw bet. This value can vary in the range of 3.0 – 3.5. The probability of this outcome of events is not lower than the victory of one of the teams. Therefore, do not miss this strategy for betting on football.

If you win on the distance, you will be able to win at least 1 out of 3 bets when using a bet on a football draw.

Consider the following criteria when choosing this strategy:

  • Both teams agree on a draw score. This match will not be able to affect their position in the standings;
  • There is no clear favourite between the teams. This can be determined by the odds put up by bookmaker companies – they cannot exceed 2.6;
  • Often teams play with a draw. At least this value should be equal to 25% of the meeting.


Summing Up

Beginners need to think about which platform to choose for sports betting. If you have already found an honest and legal betting company, then it is worthwhile to start studying the strategy. You have described the main mistakes that beginners make on their first bets. Now you know them, will be wary of them and can avoid it. 

Your sports betting will be even more profitable if you use gambling and financial strategies.