Who among us hasn’t made a mistake in their first sports betting? Modern betting in India is a massive digital ecosystem and it takes time and effort to understand all its rules. Even very experienced users make mistakes, but they all become the foundation for new strategies and approaches to your favourite pastime. 

Especially for you, we have collected a selection of the most common mistakes that are often made by young users. Knowing them, you will be able to avoid a large number of failures and prevent unpleasant situations. Therefore, this article is for you. 

Why Bettors Make Mistakes

Understanding the causes of common player mistakes

Betting on sports in India is associated with a lot of emotions that the participant gets from the gaming process. Often under the influence of a certain mood and condition, the user takes risks or deviates from his strategy, which leads him to lose, and as a consequence – negative impressions. 

Another popular reason is the lack of a systematic approach. Let’s imagine a situation: an inexperienced bettor goes to the site and chooses an event thoughtlessly – just any match at random from the list. Of course, he does not know all the nuances of the style of play of the selected team and does not even always understand how the odds work on betting. Therefore, often, in case of a loss, is disappointed in betting and never comes back. 

Knowledge is your main source of strength. They help you to better understand the nuances of this or that game, to choose the right types of bets with favourable odds and for reasonable amounts. Regular training will help you to form your own competent approach to betting. 

Popular Betting Mistakes: How To Avoid Them

Steering Clear of Common Betting Errors: Tips to Avoid Popular Mistakes

Next, we will present you a list of 10+ most common mistakes that beginner bettors from India make in their first year of gambling. Study them to adjust your behaviour in time and make your approach to betting more thoughtful and informed. 

Exaggerated Expectations

Many newbies perceive betting as a way to make a quick buck and naively believe that they will become very rich in a very short period of time. That’s why they think that 70-80% of all bets will win. But the reality turns out to be more prosaic. The optimal proportion at which the bettor does not go into loss and steadily earns on top, is considered to be 53% of the total volume of bets made. Any figure above 55% is considered super-profit.

Illiterate Bankroll Management

You should control the size of your bets based on the amount of money you have available. It is important that these funds should be free – the ones you are afraid of losing in case you lose. Only then will you have a positive betting experience. The essence of a smart approach is not to exaggerate your limits and to allocate funds to different types of bets, which in case of losing one will be compensated by potential winnings on other bets. 

Increasing Limits

The worst thing a bettor can do is to get emotional and spend more money on bets than originally planned. If you come out in the plus side, we do not recommend you to double your bet. After all, in this case, you risk losing more than you won initially. Diversify your bets by spreading them between different activities. And be sure to keep your deposit active even when you are not betting. 

Also, don’t try to win back if you fail. Leave the site or app alone for a few days, stabilise your emotional state, and then return to new bets. 

Over-Reliance On Recent Trends

Favourites are often overrated and perform poorly after a long winning streak. Analysing the game dynamics of athletes is one of the key approaches in betting. But beginner bettors often fall for this trick when they make unprecedentedly large bets on the leading teams. 

The best approach is to buy on bad news and sell on good news.

The Power Of Gambling

There is a gambling phenomenon in the world of betting that has been labelled the “Gambler’s fallacy”. This is the illusory notion that if there is a certain pattern in the course of a game that often dissolves, that pattern will soon reverse itself. For example, when certain symbols in roulette are given for a long time, the user is led to believe that the next payout will consist of other symbols. 

This is a trick of our subconscious mind, which leads to choosing the wrong strategy. Rely only on your own intuition, and keep in mind that betting is largely a matter of chance.

Too Many Bets

We’ve already talked about diversifying your bets, but many novice bettors get so caught up in their new hobby that they bet on a huge scale just for the sake of the process. If your number of bets exceeds 15 at a time, it’s worth considering whether you’re getting too carried away. Such behaviour increases the risk of a huge loss, which will simply destroy your bankroll.

Develop a sense of internal control and discipline. They will help you to maintain your confidence and be more conscious about how you allocate your funds between different betting options. 

Emotional Choices

Betting is quite an exciting pastime. So often new users may bet on teams and athletes based on personal considerations and a certain level of empathy. But in reality, we recommend that you use logic and cold calculation. If you just want to support your favourite team and are willing to bet a very small amount, there is no problem with that. But often sports fans become hostage to their desires, as a result of which they completely lose their bankroll and remain in deep disappointment.  

Ignoring Sudden Changes In The Line 

Many beginners get a bit complex when entering a game with professional bettors, who often demonstrate more flexible strategies and bigger winnings. But remember that they are the ones who influence line changes. And the more drastic it is, the faster your reaction should be. The algorithm is extremely simple: when the line moves in the opposite direction of the betting percentages.

Failure To Comply With Wagering Requirements 

Every promotion or bonus has its own conditions. Today, these are some of the most effective tools that stimulate the interest and attention of the target audience. Especially often there are special offers with welcome bonuses, thanks to which you can get additional funds to the first deposit. 

But no betting site will give you money for nothing. In order to get double your winnings if your bet wins, you need to fulfil wagering requirements – special conditions on the number of bets with certain odds that will affect whether or not your bonus money is given to you. 

One of the most common misconceptions is that users perceive the same size promotions from different sites as the same wagering requirements. And out of inertia, they place bets in the mode they are already used to. But as a result it turns out that they chose the wrong strategy, which will not bring them bonus funds. Therefore, carefully read the terms and conditions for each promotion, so as not to be deceived in their expectations.