Indian online bookmakers’ websites abound with disciplines and events to place bets on. Clients of such operators have many opportunities to prepare a well-considered money prediction and try to win big. One of the most popular betting destinations are major international competitions. These are the Olympic Games and world championships. In our expert review we will tell you more about it. 

Difference Between Local and International Events 

Local vs. International: Unraveling the Distinctions in Betting Dynamics Between Local and Global Events

The competitions that are available to customers of Indian online bookmakers are categorized into local and international tournaments: 

  • Local competitions mean that they are held in a specific country. For example, English Premier League soccer, Championship, English Premier League Cup and so on. Experienced punters often benefit from placing bets on matches from localized leagues of low level. This is due to the fact that bookmakers may not conduct a serious enough examination of the upcoming matches and calculate the odds higher than they could be;
  • International competitions involve clubs or national teams from different countries. Some examples of top international competitions include the Champions League soccer competition. In addition, international competitions are regional and global tournaments: for example, the European Basketball Championship and the WC in soccer. 

We will talk more about world-class betting tournaments in the next paragraph. 

Specifics of Betting on World Events 

Strategies and Considerations: Betting on the Unique Dynamics of World Events

The time of the Olympic Games or the World Cup is a golden time for bookmakers. They are actively working to increase their client base through generous promotions. These can be free bets, cash bonuses and much more. Both newcomers and experienced players who have previously bet on other sites can benefit from this. 

The specificity of betting on World Events is that they are time-limited events. They usually take no more than a month, which means very intense matches and competitions. Say, during the group stage of the FIFA World Cup, several matches can be played per day. If we take the Olympics as an example, there can be many times more daily events. This is due to the fact that the competition program may provide for diving, running, wrestling, boxing, etc. to be held on the same day. 

With the limited period of the tournament, Indian betting enthusiasts have to devote a lot of time to monitoring team news. Given that bids for such tournaments are mostly formed well in advance (but there are exceptions, such as the Hockey World Cup), it is important to keep an eye on the readiness of the players. Their performance can be affected by fatigue, injuries, and other factors. Disqualification or injury of a player hurts his team, reducing his chances against opponents. 

Another important factor is that if a coach took over the national team before the World Cup, he may not have time to instill his philosophy into the team. It will take time for the team to get used to his requirements. This means that even the favorite team may not play well enough at the start of the tournament. 

Examples of World Events for Bettors from India 

Learn how to bet on world events in India

World Cups are held in almost all sports, but there are some events that are particularly popular with bookmakers. We are talking about the FIFA World Cup, the Olympic Games and the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup. 

FIFA World Cup 

The FIFA World Cup is the most eagerly awaited sporting event in the world. It is held once every four years, bringing together dozens of the world’s best teams. Say, in 2026, the United States, Mexico and Canada will jointly host the tournament, in which 48 teams will play for the first time. They will be divided into 12 groups of four teams each. As you can easily understand, each of them will play three matches in the group stage, which means a significant increase in the number of betting opportunities. Just imagine, compared to previous World Cups, the number of participating teams in the final part of the World Cup has increased by 16 teams! 

Some fans and soccer experts believe that due to the increase in the number of teams, the level of the World Cup will decrease. However, for online bookmakers and their customers, the decision to increase the number of participants in the tournament is, on the contrary, great news. It means a significant increase in the number of bets and deposits for the former. For players, it is access to a wider range of events to place potentially winning cash predictions. 


The Olympic Games are held every two years (alternating between the Winter and Summer Olympics). Unlike the sport-focused World Championships, there are many competitions during the Olympics. Say, the Summer Games include canoeing, cycling, weightlifting, track and field, boxing, Greco-Roman wrestling, and more. In winter, there are competitions in ski acrobatics, biathlon, hockey, curling, luge and more. 

With a wide variety of competitions, clients of online bookmakers operating in India have the opportunity to make a lot of bets, and make potentially winning coupons from events from different sports disciplines. 

ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 

One of the most awaited sporting events for Indian betting enthusiasts is the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup. It is held at four-year intervals and generates a lot of interest in countries where cricket is the national sport. In 2023, the tournament is being held in India (October 5 to November 19). The Indian team is one of the favorites, and has performed well in the group stage. At the time of writing this review, it has won seven matches out of the seven it has participated in. 

How to Bet on World Events in India? 

Learn how to bet on world events in India

As you may have already realized, betting on World Events requires preparation. Given that these are time-limited events, you should be prepared for surprises and sensations. Analyze the participants of the tournaments, and when the events start, follow these steps: 

  1. Choose an online bookmaker.

    It should accept players from India and legally provide its services in the country;

  2. Register.

    Create an account by providing the operator with a set of personal and contact details;

  3. Make a deposit.

    You need to fund your betting activities. Choose one of the payment methods available on the site and top up the balance;

  4. Place a bet.

    Now open Sportsbook and select an event (say, ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup). Select one of the matches, add one of the markets to the coupon, specify the amount and confirm the bet. 

The bookmaker will instantly pay you the money if your bet was winning. What to do with this money is up to you. You can withdraw them to your account, card or wallet or use them for new bets. 

Our Conclusion 

Summing Up Key Insights and Considerations in Betting

World Championships and Olympics are some of the most awaited events for online bookmakers in India. They offer a huge range of events for betting on these competitions and prepare generous promotions. Operators are doing their best to make their sites during the tournaments a priority destination for betting enthusiasts. We are sure that our review will help you become as prepared as possible for these adrenaline-packed events.