Vishal Malhotra

Vishal Malhotra

The 'mauka-mauka' man


The Delhi-based actor, who started his ad-film career alongside Shah Rukh Khan in a vest ad, cannot believe that he has become this famous. “No, I never thought it would be this big. I wasn’t aware of the second ad. They called me after the first one had gone viral,” says Vishal, adding, “And now, everywhere I go, people want to shake hands and click selfies with me. They see me, and shout, ‘Arre yeh toh woh mauka mauka wala hai’. One day, when we were shooting in Mumbai, I posed for almost 80 selfies in one day! That’s whenI realised I am famous.”

All session by Laurence Francis

  • 22-Feb-2017

Session Four: Writing the best sports campaigns

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