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The responsibility of being the number one batsman for the team and captaincy has been the biggest driving force for the persona of Virat Kohli. Millions of cricket fans around the world may get to see Kohli as a very aggressive captain, but the man behind the face on television screens is very different.

That is what Vijay Lokapally has to say about the man who is India’s biggest sporting brand in India. Kohli will be at SporTale, India’s first sports litfest that takes place at Pune next week.

“The aggression in his case is his confidence, since he sets such high standards for himself. It is captured and conveyed in a different way on camera,” Lokapally says. He has authored a book on Kohli, which was released last year and will also be present at the litfest.

The aggression in Kohli has now mellowed as the 28-year-old Indian captain has morphed into a role model for many a youngster in the country. The session with Virat Kohli is scheduled for the first day of SporTale could easily be the most awaited conversation of the event.

Former India open Aakash Chopra, whose fourth book was launched this week in Delhi, says that there are many stories around different sports that have to be told. For the champion who is seen on the screen, there is a lot that goes on behind the camera as the games are being played in the mind of the sportsperson.

“There will be unheard of stories, stories which we do not know of. The more the merrier. It is important for people to get to know what is happening,” the former stylish opening batsman said, as he looks ahead to his session at SporTale.

Chopra will be part of the session which talks about how statistics, often quoted and used to judge the performance of cricketers, may not always tell the entire story.